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business blog examples

Taking a break from talking about what use a business blog is or why you might have one, here’s a quick list of 5 examples of successful blogs. The first is a catch-all example most people will know, followed by two examples that relate to business as a topic, then two successful business blogs used to sell to an unrelated niche.

Copyblogger – The most obvious in my list, Copyblogger is an enormous site pooling info on online marketing. Take this as my answer to all other online marketing blogs, as there are countless great but similar concepts out there. All of them are a bit recursive (as is mine, here), offering advice to essentially do what they do, but they work because people read them. In the case of Copyblogger, there’s such an enormous wealth of content on offer you could lose yourself in it for hours on end. And that creates such a captive audience that every new thing they share will spread in an instant. It makes it a perfect tool to plug their software, designed to help put their advice into practice.

Penelope Trunk – Penelope Trunk gives career advice, and founded the online career platform Brazen Careerist. Her blog shares that career advice in a free and personal way, a perfect example of how one person’s thoughts, well presented, can create business. She sells seminars, coaching, and home-schooling – basically, expanding on the tasters she’s already offered in the blog – demonstrating that if you can effectively express your expertise in a business blog, you can then go on to sell it.

What Goes Around Limited -A great example of a blog that expunges a pure business principle, more specifically titled Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers, this is a bundle of positive practice. With advice on how to better handle general business concepts, the result is that the blog demonstrates the author’s knowledge and their ability to apply it. Selling consultancy services, amongst other things, it does what all good online advertising should – builds trust by effectively providing help. This is a great complement to Penelope Trunk’s example, as a different approach to the same personal, emotive way to engage with business ideas.

Ecoki – The first of my business niche examples, Ecoki is a well-polished magazine site, with a vast range of topics relating to ecological living. Everything about it looks professional, it’s stylish and easy to navigate. The eco-friendly products they sell can seem like a forgettable side-line, as the site seems so effectively dedicated to sharing ecological news and advice through the vast blog.

Renegade Fitness – For a different niche, strength training, Jason Ferrugia’s blog has a very different tone of voice to Ecoki. But it’s a tone that’s suitable to his certain demographic, specifically all about getting pumped to exercise. Where Ecoki dwells on developing conscious, environmental choices, Renegade motivates and entertains. In a unique, genuine voice, designed to sell his own brand of training guides.

Each of these blogs has a unique purpose and style, but they are all successful in what they do. Because they provide content that people keep coming back to, and content that will ultimately convert to sales because it builds trust with those readers.

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  1. thank you for sharing these blog sites. this will boost my marketing strategies as business employer. the traffic and my audience will come. thank you for sharing this i will check them all out.

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