If you’re looking for something to read from the Copywrite Now archives, here’s an annotated list of some of my most popular articles, in alphabetical order. And if you’d like something a little different relating to writing, literature and entertainment, why not consider the archive at my sister site Write Right Now.

Feature articles

The Dangers of Writing for Mass Appeal – when is writing accessible, easy to read writing the wrong idea?

Creative copywriting: what does it mean? – what exactly is the value of creativity in copywriting and how much emphasis should we put on it, considering some points of the advertiser Ogilvy.

Invasion of the Brand Snatchers – a look at the clever advertising of Aldi’s branding.

Freelance famine: coping with New Year – with a particular focus on the common freelance work slump in January, some thoughts on how to deal with freelance famine periods.

How to value your skills: an Olympic perspective – a detailed analysis of why skills based work is similar to athletic prowess, and what this means for the value we place on it.

Writing great slogans: strategies for success – an analysis of some of history’s great slogans and what makes them so successful.

Is storytelling changing? insights from Brighton’s Connected TV conference.


General copywriting

2 classic style guides that will improve your online writing – recommendations for the books The Elements of Style and Writing that Works.

3 simple ways for the casual writer to improve their copywriting skills – ideas on how a non-professional writer can hone their skills.

The mindset for persuasive copywriting – how to think about your client when writing copy.

A business principle worth repeating: positively good advertising

Effective tense choice in promotional writing – what does your choice of tense say about you?

Online marketing

7 eBook formatting considerations – a few things to think about when formatting a book (on my sister site, Write Right Now).

Effective business blog ideas from casino blog examples

How to use a business blog to boost your SEO – an article I wrote for, does what it says on the tin.

How my Twitter strategy started to make me feel dirty – why I try and avoid extensively spamming Twitter.

9 most useful WordPress plug ins – the plug ins I can’t do without.

8 quick ideas for business blog content – for when you’re short of a few ideas about what to write in your blog.

Pros and cons of writing your own professional blog – weighing up writing your own business blog against hiring someone to do it for you.

5 ways that business blogs can improve your sales – the business benefits of writing a blog.

What use is a business blog? – considerations for why a business blog is important.

Why building a WordPress site is good for small businesses – the benefits of using WordPress for a small business site.

Copywriting Examples and Analysis

What you can learn from advertising copy – a short run down of examples of advertising copy, good and bad.

Beer – it’s lovely! Classic copywriting examples – some research I did into a classic copywriting campaign with a few poignant examples.

Direct email marketing: an example of spam email that worked – a look at a piece of spam marketing that I particularly enjoyed.

6 food advert examples with analysis

How not to advertise hotels: copywriting examples – a brief expose on a few hotel advertisements that suffer from bad copy.

How words can sell food: effective copywriting in menus

What content writers should take from “the power of the printed word” – a classic copywriting examples that demonstrates content marketing principles long before the internet.

General writing articles:

Back to basics: all the English tenses in an infographic

Copywriting and infographics: 5 excellent examples – a short round-up of some useful copywriting infographics from around the web.

Expect the Unexpected: 16 advertising cliches to avoid – a guest post I wrote for Brighton’s one-man advertising service, Adman.

Hyperbole in copywriting – widely regarded as the best thing ever.

The big bad list of business vocabulary – exactly what it says it is.

The copywriting example all copywriters should know – an article about the famous Wall Street Journal letter, the most well-known of all copywriting examples.

Tips you can take from a sales pitch gone wrong – learn from others’ mistakes with this analysis of how not to give a sales pitch.

4 ways to overcome the fear of freelancing – tips for anyone considering freelancing, on how to prepare to take the plunge.

What a professional copywriter does for business – a few thoughts on why hiring a copyeditor is a valuable investment to make for any business.

What is copy? A video presentation – short YouTube clip to demonstrate what copywriting is.

Who are you writing for? Blog audience considerations – how to decide on your blog audience.

Why good copywriting is important – thoughts on the place that copywriting has in a business, and why no one should scrimp on it.

Writing in the present tense – where writing in the present tense can be useful for a copywriter.