4 effective ideas for business blogs from casino blog examples

casino gambling business blogsWhen running a business blog, sometimes it’s not enough to have vague ideas of what to blog about. I find it inspirational to look at unrelated areas of business to see how I can apply blogging ideas to my own. So I thought a quick case study of casino blog ideas (which are easy to generalise) might be inspirational for other businesses. The following article is based on blogs I had written for an online gaming marketer, but they requested that I not share the links here – so if you’d like to read the articles do ask and I’ll send you some copies:

What are casino blogs used for?

Gambling blogs or casino blogs generally have a very simple goal. Whatever tactic you use, the final aim is the same: to get people to sign up to or play at a casino. Other business blogs are likely to operate in a more complicated way (for instance I write English tips to make my private English lessons website more popular, building long-term awareness of my services, not to get a one off cash in), but casino blogs operate in a result-orientated manner. The following 4 blog ideas should give you a good idea of why and how each works:

1. Casino blogs offering tips and advice

My favourite types of casino blog to write, tips and advice are likely to be the most commonly searched-for and thoroughly read articles. As was said repeatedly at the most recent BrightonSEO event, the best way to have your content shared, and to connect with internet users, is to provide something helpful. These can range from technical guides to games, such as a guide to blackjack hand signals, to more niche interest discussions, such as the what the poker slow roll is. This works for casinos because if you fulfil the reader’s needs in an engaging way you can build enough trust to get them to try your advice at the location you suggest.

2. Casino and game reviews

Most readers will take casino and game reviews as affiliate marketing, so don’t fool yourself into thinking you can win people over by seeming impartial. It’s easier for a freelancer like me – I can write a balanced review without being directly connected to the affiliate – but it’s still unlikely to be taken at face value. Such reviews do offer information from a third-party source, though, and whether or not a reader has doubts about your affiliation they will still appreciate the extra details you can offer. If you can make the product sound interesting enough for them to try, you’ve succeeded.

3. News related to the casino

News articles about yourself and your product, or your affiliates, are an unashamed platform for self-promotion. You can be as creative as you like trying to persuade people what you’ve got is worth trying. You can also connect your product to current events, rattling out a game alongside any news that’s captured the internet’s attention. I’ve written game release articles (and faux reviews), for instance, that vaguely link the game back to the Christmas period, and slot reviews for movie-themed games, such as a Star Trek game that coincided with the release of the new movie trailer.

4. General gambling news

Industry news in general is far more impartial than the above. For casinos, this can include big wins, the opening and closing of other casinos, tournament updates, or features such as interviews. Anything related to a vast world. There are vast possibilities, as long as you can find a way to tie it back to your product.


Whatever business you’re writing for, these casino blog examples demonstrate the main potential areas you can write about. All four offer enormous scope for regular updates, with different ways to interact with your readers and encourage them to do business with you. As a quick summary, it works like this:

  1. Tips and advice – builds trust, the customer should want to use this advice with you, or come back to you for more.
  2. Reviews – offers information, the customer is interested in the product because they understand it.
  3. Your own product news – builds hype, the customer is excited about your product.
  4. Industry news – can build hype through unrelated events, and can also build lasting reliance on you as a source.

Whoever your business blog is aimed at, these examples offer something to build on. And I’ve got heaps more advice where that came from (this is, indeed, a type 1 post, in case you hadn’t noticed) – read my free eBook for more.

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  2. Great article, thank you for posting. Here at Mansys we offer international business management solutions and love to hear from readers’ about their own views and experiences. Our best wishes to you all.

  3. Nice post..Yeah its true some time casino blogs reflects very great information. I have been learning most of the pros and cons of online casino from blogs.
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