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6 food advert examples with effective niche appeal

tomato copywriterWhen thumbing through some cooking magazines looking for new and exciting recipes, I was drawn more, as I tend to be these days, to their adverts. I’m always interested in how effectively the advertisers address niche interests, and found some excellent examples here. Seeing as my past posts on copywriting examples found in general publications and for luxury hotels proved popular, it seemed only right that I pop up a bunch of food adverts to join them. And that’s what you’ve got here: Continue reading

Aldi: Invasion of the Brand Snatchers

aldi branding advertising exampleI was bowling around Aldi earlier, like you do, when I spotted some Head and Shoulders shampoo. I needed some of that (I don’t mind admitting it, that’s the first stage to overcoming dandruff) and scurried over to get some. I’d stumbled into the oldest gun in Aldi’s arsenal. Why, that wasn’t Head and Shoulders at all. I should’ve known better. It was Head Strong all along. But still, they won me over with their audacious attempt to trick me. No I didn’t buy it, but I had a little chortle and took a bunch of pictures to share the genius of their mimicry branding techniques. Continue reading

How to save time writing more effective recruitment ads

writing effective recruitment adsI seem to have spent more time looking for work than actually working, as any freelancer is likely to find. And I’ve also, somehow or another, ended up hiring replacements for almost every job I’ve ever left. This lengthy exposure to the world of recruitment, has given me more experience with recruitment ads than I’d like to have thought possible. Often they’re painful to read, and provide prime examples of copywriting neglect – just do a quick search on Indeed and see. For the sake of my sanity going forward, and for the sake of those both looking for work and those hiring staff, here are my tips on writing better recruitment ads. (Please note that these tips concern adverts for active jobseekers, to help sift through candidates, rather than more dynamic branding adverts used for competitive recruitment advertising.) Continue reading

Unique experience: an effective advert example

A unique experience, a good example of an effective advert.It’s easy to make light of examples of bad copywriting and bad adverts, as they stand out. A copywriting job done well doesn’t necessarily cause a stir, so the copywriting blogger is less likely to post examples of good advertising – but this is one that caught my eye recently. It’s a no-thrills ad for holidays on a working boat, Patricia, and it works because it understands the audience and addresses them appropriately. It might not look like much, but there’s a lot going on here. Here’s a quick break down:

Continue reading

An example of a classic advertising style

Modern example of an advert in a classic style with copy below the picture.

As a sometime historian, I take a keen interest in knowing how ideas have developed over time. And knowing such things makes me appreciate an advert like this one all the more, because it harks back to a different time. For a time, the vast majority of print adverts (certainly those seen in the US) followed a format of using a large image accompanied by a body of copy. This style clearly separates the common components of a given advert: image, headline, body copy and contact details (although the contact details could just as easily be a coupon, voucher, or any other device used as a call to action). A lot of old-fashioned print adverts followed this style, allowing for much longer copy (there are plenty of older examples on the excellent Info Marketing Blog), but it’s not so common these days. So click on the image for a modern example that reflects how copywriting used to be! (It’s also local for me, coming from a Sussex Porsche dealer). Continue reading

How does this product copy happen?

Bad product copy, microfibre cloths.Wash and re-use 100 of times!

Alright it’s from Poundland and you get what you pay for, but if you consider that there are over 400 Poundlands around and dozens of these products on display in any given store then isn’t it worth someone, somewhere, looking at its single line of advertising copy and considering whether or not those 6 little words make sense?


Beer – it’s lovely! Classic copywriting examples

Beer it's lovely! in the street, excellent advertising copywriting example.Beer – it’s lovely! Imagine seeing a sign with that slogan and nothing more. Well, you don’t need to imagine it, I’ve got the image right there. I was doing research for a TV pilot, trawling through images of 1970s Leyton, when I stumbled across this and had to wonder what it was about. It captures your attention and encourages you to action, but where did it come from? There is no brand involved, after all. I don’t imagine this slogan is news to most people, with a few Beer – it’s Lovely! ads doing the internet rounds already, but there wasn’t much info as to where these ads had come from. So I did some digging, and wrote a brief history of this simple but effective advertising campaign: Continue reading

The copywriting example all copywriters should know

Example of excellent advertising copywriting by Michael Conroy for the Wall Street Journal.If you are learning to write advertising copy, the one example that you should be familiar with above others is Martin Conroy’s The Wall Street Journal letter. It’s well-known in copywriting and advertising circles, and made Conroy himself famous for it (about as famous as a copywriter can be!). The Wall Street Journal letter was used for 28 years, from 1975 to 2003, and is said to have brought in well over $1 billion in sales (some accounts put that figure closer to $3 billion). Reading through it is a lesson in excellent advertising. Before you do, though, take note of what makes it so successful: Continue reading

Writing great slogans: strategies for success

Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet, an advertising slogan, tagline and effective example of copywriting at its finest. Writing a great slogan is a very delicate art-form. For the most successful brands, a few words can create a memorable image. Slogans, straplines, taglines and headlines are incredibly important when building a brand because their marketing potential far surpasses any other single piece of advertising. Logos are recognisable, web content can give service descriptions, testimonials demonstrate value, but a good slogan can do all these things at once. They are examples of advertising copy at its most effective. Those few carefully chosen words form an immediate bond, spread the message and tell a story. Here’s how.  Continue reading

How not to advertise luxury hotels: copywriting examples

writing, copywriting, freelance, just working, what is a copywriter, copywriting exampleIn an ongoing effort to learn from real world copy, here’s two new advertising copywriting examples. This time, both for the same luxury hotel, both flawed. When advertising luxury goods and services, there’s a tendency for copywriters to use long, fancy words in an attempt to make the product seem sophisticated. And worse, a tendency to use long rambling sentences packed full of unoriginal adjectives. In the previous article I had one example of this style of copy, which did a reasonable job (if vague), but included mistakes. The more common problem with grandiose luxury text, though, is that it comes across as convoluted and messy, and uses forgettable clichés  as you’ll see in these examples. Continue reading