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5 ways that business blogs can improve your sales

How business blogs can strengthen a company imageBlogging is an expanding area in online marketing, and if you don’t have a business blog you’re missing a valuable marketing tool. I’ve encountered a few people who turn their noses up at the idea of blog marketing, however, believing that blogs are a platform for self-indulgent teenagers to cry about their running make up and the like. Well, in some circles that’s precisely what they are – but a properly crafted business blog has more potential than any print publication. A blog containing accurately written, engaging articles can draw readers from all over the world, and can be shared exponentially. So here’s my top 5 reasons that blogging can help your business: Continue reading

Why building a WordPress site is good for small businesses

Screenshot of WordPress dashboard in use. WordPress allows anyone with a little time and patience to create a website for a minimal amount of money and effort. It’s well-supported and makes ongoing management easy. A number of small business owners asked me about building a WordPress site and writing blogs at a recent Brighton Chamber of Commerce event for their Ride the Wave program, and I realised these were details worth sharing. So here’s a quick summary of my reasons why a WordPress site is a good choice for a small business, to help decide if it’s for you:

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Doing business in the snow

Mad snowman, crazy snowtom pole.

The Snowtom Pole, built c.2009.

Everyone’s talking about the snow. The wily businessman can use that to their advantage, because where there’s talk, there’s business opportunity. Since starting doing business, I’ve become acutely aware of the various opportunities such as this that surround us in both everyday and unique situations, and it’s become apparent to me that my ideas should be neatly accumulated. As I embark on drafting my upcoming eBook, A Field Guide to Doing Business,  it’s prudent to offer a sample section Doing Business in the Snow. Continue reading

How a professional copyeditor can help your business

professional copyeditorHaving just donned my independent author hat to write a piece in praise of professional book editors, it seems prudent to also turn my thinking to professional copyeditors for business. Communication is a massive factor in the success of all businesses – with writing a large component of any business’s communication it’s important to invest in professional editing services. Copyediting is ideal for anyone who already has a sound grasp of what they want to say, to make sure it’s said properly. These following points give an idea of why a copyeditor’s best suited to offer such a service: Continue reading

Why good copywriting is important

Copywriting and realising how important good writing is.Recently, I’ve met a few people in businesses who had never considered the quality of their copywriting. After explaining what I do, the usual response is that they’d never considered the importance of their company’s writing before. But they immediately see the benefit of improving their writing. It’s beneficial to lay these points out clearly, not because they are difficult to understand but because sometimes a business will not think of them until they are prompted to. Following from my article explaining what a copywriter does, and my video presentation covering what copy is, this article will give a brief list of exactly why good copy is important.

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How to value your skills: an Olympic perspective

world in hands, training, how to value your skills, At a meeting presented by the Brighton Chamber of Commerce last night regarding business rates and values, we had some interesting discussion about how people value their services. In independent business, there is rarely a benchmark to set your prices against, and it is essentially up to you to judge the value of your own skills. You just need to be able to justify what makes your skills valuable. How can you do that?

Compare your skills to the training an athlete endures. I hope that, like approximately 95.4% of the UK, you were inspired by Jessica Ennis’s performance at the Olympics this summer. As you can see in the picture, she’s got the world in her hands now. One look at her abs and you know she’s worked incredibly hard to do what she does. But essentially what she does is something we are all capable of: she runs, jumps, throws things. What makes her so special? Continue reading

The pun is mightier than the sword

pane in the glass, window repairsMy sister recently discovered a game she calls ‘business business’, all about business puns. Once she announces ‘business business!’ you are obliged to ask ‘What’s your business?’ She responds with a business and you are obliged to ask ‘How’s business?’ Then she must answer in the form of a business pun. Her example: ‘I sell cigarettes.’ – ‘How’s business?’ ‘It’s a drag!’ Wordplay can be a polarising thing, but if, like me, you love a good pun-liner, check out a few of these punny pictures: Continue reading