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A short list of obscure words

obscure wordsThere comes a time in every blog’s career when it seems only prudent to populate it with lists of obscure or interesting words. Actually, this came about because I wanted to put something different on Twitter for the month of December – an advent of vocabulary instead of self-indulgent links. The result, my days of Christmas – a list of some of my favourite obscure words. Some of these are less common than others – some simply sound nice to say. They all come with examples, so you can use them wisely. Continue reading

Моя любимая реклама – exploring an old ad

ferroro rocher russianFor something a little different, I’ve decided to write a short advert analysis in Russian rather than English. Because let’s face it, that’s the next logical step for a blog about copywriting and advertising. So here’s my account of a much loved childhood advert. Fear not, there’s a translation below. And, of course, the actual advert. Continue reading

What are rich snippets?

rich snippetsEveryone seemed to be talking about rich snippets at the latest BrightonSEO. It seemed that barely a talk went by that I didn’t hear the phrase bandied about. It made me think of expensive fabric samples. It made Duncan Rice (@Duncan_SIC) think of cutting “the coat-tails off of a posh bloke!” It also inspired me to think of giblets of prime meat, or miniature bejewelled scissors. As none of these, clearly, will help you with SEO, I thought it’d be handy to explain exactly what these rich snippets are. Seeing as everyone’s likely to keep talking about them. Continue reading

What does your choice of tense say about you?

effective reflective writing, tensesMaking your point in as few words as possible is not all about choosing the right words. One area worth paying particular attention to is choosing the right tense. With a cover letter, a CV, a service history, and even with parts of a product description, you need to tell a story, no matter how short – and your choice of tense can greatly impact the meaning of your tale. Continue reading