Copywriting and infographics: 5 excellent examples

An infographic explaining all infographics.

Looking for a new (and exciting!) way to get a message across? An effective infographic is sure to turn the heads of burly men and make young ladies swoon. Combining useful (often dubious) facts and figures with cute graphics, infographics capture attention and make the mundane seem magical – something that’s more difficult with plain blocks of copywriting text. They’re also excellent for sharing, because all their instantly gratifying joy is condensed into one easily reproduced file. The examples below are my pick of the best copywriting infographics that give you excellent copywriting tips whilst serving as a demonstration of how effective a medium it is.

1. The copywriting infographic

This one deserves the mantle of its title more than any other, ABC Copywriting‘s infographic is an incredibly comprehensive guide to copywriting. Use this for wallpaper (on your walls, not your computer) and read it every morning and you’ll have all the training you need to become a copywriter.

ABC Copywriting Inforgraphic, all you need to know about copywriting.

2. Ideas for copywriting content

Internet behemoth Copyblogger‘s infographic offers 22 ideas for new content for your blog. Ideas which could be quite happily translated to a variety of mediums. Never get stumped by writer’s block again.

Inforgraphic for content/copywriting ideas from Copyblogger.

3. How much should an article cost?

This brilliantly succinct presentation from expand2web shows what an online article should cost. It compares the benefits you are likely to receive from a professional copywriter’s article to a content mill. An ne’er a truer word was said.

Infographic for pricing online content, price of a copywriting article.

4. Tips for selling more with copywriting

Kissmetric‘s 6 tips for selling more is actually more specific than that, it’s a basic check-list that all copy should comply with. If you’re editing your work or are a little unsure on the details, it’s a good place to start to make sure all your copy is in place. Visit their site for a range of other marketing infographics.

Kissmetric's inforgraphic for selling more through copywriting.

 5. The copywriters infographic

In contrast to the copywriting infographic at the top, this is the one that tells you all about who copywriters are. It’s a tongue-in-cheek display of the copywriting stereotypes from The George Report – good for a bit of fun!

The George Report's factual infographic about copywriters

What’s your favourite? Are there any brilliant copywriting infographics that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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  3. Some great copywriting infographics here. And a great source of inspiration for my own efforts too. Thanks for compiling this list.

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