I write for education and entertainment. I self-publish grammar guides through my sister site, English Lessons Brighton, while I write fiction and discuss creative writing on Write Right Now. Find out more about my books currently in publication by clicking the links below.


english grammar ebook

The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide

“Phil Williams may have just released the most realistic approach to aide in understanding the English tenses.” – Meg, Amazon review

sentence structure guide

Word Order in English Sentences


“The greatest thing about this guide is that it doesn’t simply tell you what to do, it also explains why, so that you understand the subtle (or not so subtle) change in meaning of the sentence, which can occur if you swap just a couple of words in your phrase.” – Polina Zemsteva, Amazon review


steampunk novel

Wixon’s Day

“The mood set by the author is just epic. It was almost a surreal feeling to read a book like this and I am finding it hard to put into words just how strange and awesome this journey was.” – Rachel Tsoumbakos, Author and blogger

fantasy romance novel

Gun City Bohemian

post-apocalypse online serial

Pilgrimage of the Damned