An Introduction to Business Blogs

According to a recent Hubspot study, business websites with active blogs can receive as much as 4 times as many leads as those who don’t blog. I’ve written a short free introduction to explain how you can break into the world of business blogs.

introduction to business blogging ebook

An Introduction to Business Blogs

This free eBook gives a brief introduction to the world of business blogging. It is a short guide to why you need a business blog and how to get started posting, with a few ideas for what to write on a business blog and how to keep it updated.

I’m giving this eBook away for free as a short introduction, to help businesses decide whether or not blogging is for them. You can read the first chapter online right now. For the full eBook, simply enter your email below, and the confirmation page will give you a link to the download.

Alternatively the book is available for purchase at a token price from Amazon or Smashwords. This makes it available in a variety of eReader formats for your convenience.

Contents of An Introduction to Business Blogs

What use is a business blog

Using a blog for marketing and communication

Getting started: a brief guide to WordPress

Optimising your blog

Who are you writing for?

What to write

Sharing your blog

Keeping your blog going

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