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business blog ideasI’m working on a short eBook to introduce the idea of writing a business blog, and my current section seemed worthy of a blog post. Often, the hardest part of writing a blog is coming up with ideas for it, yet a blog needs constant updating to be really effective. Here’s 8 quick ideas for business blog content, presented with exposition to help you think up some more:

1. Instructional articles

Everyone loves a good how-to article, and that’s exactly what your potential customers and clients will be searching for. What’s an area of your business that you can share a few tips on? What do your customers want to know? Demonstrate a problem, offer a solution – your readers will learn to trust you and appreciate your expertise. (Unless your solution is diabolically off-key and ruins their lives.)

2. Industry interviews

Interviews are always popular in blogs. They provide outsider perspective and unique viewpoints. They also show that you deal with real people, and know how to interact with them. You could give Q&As with experts, satisfied customers or service providers with valuable advice. Interviews are a great way to provide valuable content, but they take a bit more organising than your average blog article.

3. Lists

Blog lists are always popular, and the headlines quickly draw in large numbers of people. What sort of lists will be valuable to your readers? Top 10s can include products, web-links and resources or points of advice. Anything brief and cheerful. Be warned that it’s difficult to draw readers in through lists, though – unless you provide some meaty content or a great hook, internet users attracted to lists are likely to scan the results and move on. (The content developing these points, for instance, makes it more of an  article instead of just a list.)

4. Guest blogging

A great way to network and draw in alternative audiences – invite a blogger you’re familiar with to post some content on your site. Of course, you should look to return the favour some time, so this won’t get you off the hook when it comes to thinking of ideas for your business blog content. But it’ll add variety and important online links to your site.

5. Case studies

Demonstrate how someone has been successful with your product or service. Write about examples in detail. Turn your business into a story worth telling. Case studies are great way to connect emotionally and personally with readers.

6. Reviews

Reviews of products and services related to your business will show that you keep up-to-date in the industry and know what you’re talking. It’s an excellent way of demonstrating a working understanding of the business, and could even lead to a few affiliate sales (although be sure to let users know if you’re reviewing an affiliate). You may also review or recommend media related to your business, such as books, video clips and websites.

7. Product news

A simple idea, but one that’s unlikely to draw in new readers, is to post news relating to your products or services. This could be updates on current projects, predictions for the futures and reports on current successes. It’ll keep interested readers in the loop, but it’ll only cater to a minor niche of your readership. Maybe save this one for a time when you’ve got something really worth saying, though.

8. Industry news

More likely to draw in a wider readership than stories about yourself: stories about other people in a similar field. It’s easy to take industry news from other sites and spin them (the way a lot of journalism works), and if you can infuse it with your original opinion or a potential solution you could draw in new readers. Even better, you could break news stories. But that’ll require a bit more tenacity.


If you want some more ideas, I also posted a link to an excellent Copyblogger infographic in an earlier article on infographics. If you want more information about starting a business blog, please sign up to my mailing list t receive my free eBook available here. In the mean time, consider reading my articles on using WordPress and and how a business blog can improve sales.

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  1. Another great article Phil, we will certainly be using some of these ideas for our blog.

  2. Thanks for saying Jack, glad to be of some help.
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