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Time for a May update! It’s been a busy month of work and networking for this Brighton copywriter. In addition to writing for a few casino blogs (paying a few bills and satisfying a little hobby), I donned my designers cap to produce the sparkling new fitness website, did a bit of teaching and editing, and am working on some new publications. There’s an English grammar guide, concerning all the English tenses, a business adventure book (more on that later), and, most applicable here, there’s an expanded edition of An Introduction to Business Blogs on the way. Oh and I also endured the ravings of a very angry writer on LinkedIn. More below.

Second edition book on the way

The first edition of An Introduction to Business Blogs was designed as a collection of thoughts on the necessity of a business blog, with a few ideas to get people started. I offered it for free with the humble idea of spreading the business blog word. Then I put it on Amazon at a token price, to raise a bit of awareness, and something strange happened. People started buying it instead of downloading it for free. It hasn’t sold much, but I have sold more copies than I’ve given away for free. Presumably because strangers trust Amazon more than they do my website, which I don’t blame them for (but do pity them for – the free version of the book has nicer formatting).

This peculiarity has driven my decision to expand the book and release it as a paid product rather than keep giving it away here. The book will remain free here for a limited time, while I expand it into a luxurious second edition, including new chapters such as blogger outreach, mindsets for writing and examples of successful business blogs. If you’ve got any ideas for topics you’d like to see covered, please let me know in the comments below, or by contacting me directly.

Grammar and Copywriting: enough to drive a man crazy

In other news, I started a brief discussion about uses and abuses of grammar in copywriting on pro copywriter Andy Maslen’s LinkedIn group. The conclusions here were simple, that some grammar rules matter more than others, and the ones which don’t change the meaning aren’t above abuse if it means improving sales. Then along came a man who tried to nitpick my discussion and subsequently became rather aggressive. Read his last few comments for yourself here, and marvel at the effects that discussing grammar online can have on a man’s sanity: a strange LinkedIn discussion.

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