The Small Food Company: the healthiest (most delicious) food on Trafalgar St

small food company

Having recently helped with the copy for The Small Food Company’s website (full disclosure), I was delighted when they told me they’d opened a cafe just around the corner from me. So I’d like to take this space to recommend their services to anyone in the Brighton area, and beyond. Brilliantly situated just by the station, on Trafalgar Street, this local business has popped up from nowhere to offer fast, healthy food at very modest prices. And, realistically, what more could you possible want.

By keeping her production small, Louisa and her team work tirelessly (they’re producing monthly delivery packages too) to concoct original recipes that are packed full of flavour and devoid of the nasty nonsense you find in most mass-produced food. The menu speaks for itself; I can personally vouch for the pulled pork and smoked coleslaw, and spinach and banana waffles – and that’s coming from someone who’s had a lifelong feud with all things banana.

The Small Food Company’s approach is the perfect antidote to the fact that most of the food you encounter in the modern world is comprised of alien ingredients, notable by the use of the never-region letters of the alphabet (sci-fi villains use Xs, Ys and Zs in their names – so do frightening food substances). In this cafe,  you’ll get food without any of the added confusion; and it’s doubly appealing because it shows that when you throw out the chemicals and you produce something local, it can also taste better – without costing the moon.

Ideal for anyone working in the Trafalgar Street area, or just passing by (and let’s be fair, most destinations in Brighton will bring you close), The Small Food Company provide lunch on the go, and serve excellent coffee to boot. For food that’s different, eminently health, and most importantly delicious, and for the opportunity to support some local business, check them out.

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