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What content writers should take from “the power of the printed word”

power of the printed word, content writingI often see content marketing heralded as a novel concept in modern online advertising, with some writers even making the distinction that they are a content writer and not a copywriter. But the idea of writing helpful content as a form of business promotion is not a new one – International Paper were doing it very successfully in the 1980s. And I doubt anyone involved in that campaign would kid themselves into thinking they weren’t writing advertising copy. Continue reading

A business principle worth repeating: positively good advertising

business principle: positively good advertisingWhat’s the most memorable business principle you’ve learnt from a book? There’s a ton of them out there, but one from Ogilvy on Advertising always sticks in my mind. It’s a principle I repeat to a lot of people, because it says so much, not just about good advertising, or good copywriting, but about good business in general. That concept is Joel Raphaelson‘s theory behind ‘the positively good’.  Continue reading

6 food advert examples with effective niche appeal

tomato copywriterWhen thumbing through some cooking magazines looking for new and exciting recipes, I was drawn more, as I tend to be these days, to their adverts. I’m always interested in how effectively the advertisers address niche interests, and found some excellent examples here. Seeing as my past posts on copywriting examples found in general publications and for luxury hotels proved popular, it seemed only right that I pop up a bunch of food adverts to join them. And that’s what you’ve got here: Continue reading

Aldi: Invasion of the Brand Snatchers

aldi branding advertising exampleI was bowling around Aldi earlier, like you do, when I spotted some Head and Shoulders shampoo. I needed some of that (I don’t mind admitting it, that’s the first stage to overcoming dandruff) and scurried over to get some. I’d stumbled into the oldest gun in Aldi’s arsenal. Why, that wasn’t Head and Shoulders at all. I should’ve known better. It was Head Strong all along. But still, they won me over with their audacious attempt to trick me. No I didn’t buy it, but I had a little chortle and took a bunch of pictures to share the genius of their mimicry branding techniques. Continue reading

The copywriting example all copywriters should know

Example of excellent advertising copywriting by Michael Conroy for the Wall Street Journal.If you are learning to write advertising copy, the one example that you should be familiar with above others is Martin Conroy’s The Wall Street Journal letter. It’s well-known in copywriting and advertising circles, and made Conroy himself famous for it (about as famous as a copywriter can be!). The Wall Street Journal letter was used for 28 years, from 1975 to 2003, and is said to have brought in well over $1 billion in sales (some accounts put that figure closer to $3 billion). Reading through it is a lesson in excellent advertising. Before you do, though, take note of what makes it so successful: Continue reading