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What are rich snippets?

rich snippetsEveryone seemed to be talking about rich snippets at the latest BrightonSEO. It seemed that barely a talk went by that I didn’t hear the phrase bandied about. It made me think of expensive fabric samples. It made Duncan Rice (@Duncan_SIC) think of cutting “the coat-tails off of a posh bloke!” It also inspired me to think of giblets of prime meat, or miniature bejewelled scissors. As none of these, clearly, will help you with SEO, I thought it’d be handy to explain exactly what these rich snippets are. Seeing as everyone’s likely to keep talking about them. Continue reading

Video marketing insights from Brighton SEO

video marketingFor me, one of the most interesting talks of BrightonSEO came from Phil Nottingham of Distilled (where he has the remarkable title as Head of Trolling and Memes). It’s an apt talk to follow up insights from YouTube at the ConnectedTV conference. Shooting out valuable tips and links at a mile a minute, this is effectively what Phil advised: Continue reading