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A business principle worth repeating: positively good advertising

business principle: positively good advertisingWhat’s the most memorable business principle you’ve learnt from a book? There’s a ton of them out there, but one from Ogilvy on Advertising always sticks in my mind. It’s a principle I repeat to a lot of people, because it says so much, not just about good advertising, or good copywriting, but about good business in general. That concept is Joel Raphaelson‘s theory behind ‘the positively good’.  Continue reading

Doing business in the snow

Mad snowman, crazy snowtom pole.

The Snowtom Pole, built c.2009.

Everyone’s talking about the snow. The wily businessman can use that to their advantage, because where there’s talk, there’s business opportunity. Since starting doing business, I’ve become acutely aware of the various opportunities such as this that surround us in both everyday and unique situations, and it’s become apparent to me that my ideas should be neatly accumulated. As I embark on drafting my upcoming eBook, A Field Guide to Doing Business,  it’s prudent to offer a sample section Doing Business in the Snow. Continue reading