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Bending the rules of formal writing for business and correspondence

bending formal writing rulesWhen exploring techniques for formal writing  in business and correspondence, there are two points that effectively form the building blocks of appearing official, neutral, neat and polite. Essentially, writing in the passive voice and using formal vocabulary. There are times when you can sound too formal, though, when a little human touch is necessary. Hoping to calm down an angry employee or customer, for example, or in building relationships. Using these two key techniques in formal writing, it’s possible to start bending the rules. Continue reading

5 great things about digital marketing

reasons digital marketing is a good ideaA few months ago, my brother made an impression on me by scorning the idea of advertising in general – as he bitterly spat venomous words my way it got me thinking well, that’s pretty much what I do. But it’s a changing game. Whilst writing a few articles to help steer students into digital marketing, I thought it time I put up a little celebration of the field. So here’s a few quick ideas about what makes digital marketing great:

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5 things to avoid when writing a cover letter

writing a cover letter, not impressedAs a freelance writer, letters of inquiry are a staple fact of life. The practice of writing cover letters to prospective clients, for job applications and to potential publishers has plagued me for the entirety of my professional career. The most valuable lessons I have learnt about writing cover letters have come from being on the receiving end of them, though. If you ever want to truly improve your letter-writing skills, advertise a job opportunity and take heed of the replies you receive. Here’s five of the most heinous crimes I’ve encountered in letters sent to me:

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