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5 great things about digital marketing

reasons digital marketing is a good ideaA few months ago, my brother made an impression on me by scorning the idea of advertising in general – as he bitterly spat venomous words my way it got me thinking well, that’s pretty much what I do. But it’s a changing game. Whilst writing a few articles to help steer students into digital marketing, I thought it time I put up a little celebration of the field. So here’s a few quick ideas about what makes digital marketing great:

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How to save time writing more effective recruitment ads

writing effective recruitment adsI seem to have spent more time looking for work than actually working, as any freelancer is likely to find. And I’ve also, somehow or another, ended up hiring replacements for almost every job I’ve ever left. This lengthy exposure to the world of recruitment, has given me more experience with recruitment ads than I’d like to have thought possible. Often they’re painful to read, and provide prime examples of copywriting neglect – just do a quick search on Indeed and see. For the sake of my sanity going forward, and for the sake of those both looking for work and those hiring staff, here are my tips on writing better recruitment ads. (Please note that these tips concern adverts for active jobseekers, to help sift through candidates, rather than more dynamic branding adverts used for competitive recruitment advertising.) Continue reading

How to value your skills: an Olympic perspective

world in hands, training, how to value your skills, At a meeting presented by the Brighton Chamber of Commerce last night regarding business rates and values, we had some interesting discussion about how people value their services. In independent business, there is rarely a benchmark to set your prices against, and it is essentially up to you to judge the value of your own skills. You just need to be able to justify what makes your skills valuable. How can you do that?

Compare your skills to the training an athlete endures. I hope that, like approximately 95.4% of the UK, you were inspired by Jessica Ennis’s performance at the Olympics this summer. As you can see in the picture, she’s got the world in her hands now. One look at her abs and you know she’s worked incredibly hard to do what she does. But essentially what she does is something we are all capable of: she runs, jumps, throws things. What makes her so special? Continue reading