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How a professional copyeditor can help your business

professional copyeditorHaving just donned my independent author hat to write a piece in praise of professional book editors, it seems prudent to also turn my thinking to professional copyeditors for business. Communication is a massive factor in the success of all businesses – with writing a large component of any business’s communication it’s important to invest in professional editing services. Copyediting is ideal for anyone who already has a sound grasp of what they want to say, to make sure it’s said properly. These following points give an idea of why a copyeditor’s best suited to offer such a service: Continue reading

5 things to avoid when writing a cover letter

writing a cover letter, not impressedAs a freelance writer, letters of inquiry are a staple fact of life. The practice of writing cover letters to prospective clients, for job applications and to potential publishers has plagued me for the entirety of my professional career. The most valuable lessons I have learnt about writing cover letters have come from being on the receiving end of them, though. If you ever want to truly improve your letter-writing skills, advertise a job opportunity and take heed of the replies you receive. Here’s five of the most heinous crimes I’ve encountered in letters sent to me:

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