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This one simple writing tip will waste your time

one simple tipIn my downtime between copywriting tasks, as any budding freelancer should, I scour books and blogs for tips and tactics to better understand the world of content writing. Half of the people on the internet offering advice, it seems, have one incredible tip that could change everything for you. They’re anxious to share it with you, but it’s hidden behind a fortified essay of additional information.
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Direct email marketing: an example of a spam email that worked

writing a cover letter, not impressed, fear of freelancing, email marketingBleary-eyed and bedraggled from an uneasy night’s sleep, you drag yourself to your computer in the dark, muttering curses under your breath that the fluorescent glare of the screen is no substitute for the as yet absent sun. With one hand tightly clawed around your coffee for warmth, you start the working day by numbly thumbing through your emails. Half a dozen companies have tried to pitch a sale to you whilst you weren’t looking. The subject lines are usually enough to disband them. 3000 points at 32red Bingo. Book your seat today. Huge deals, huge savings! Impersonal nonsense about things you wish to know nothing about. Dear customer, dear sir/madam, dear person-we-don’t-know-or-care-about. Direct email marketing is seldom inspiring.

You idly delete these messages, tightening your angry grip on the coffee. But sometimes you need to click your emails, mark them read for neatness’ sake, and you happen to open one and see your name. A funny little intro that makes you smile. You read on, and the personal and friendly nature of the copy gives you a little warm feeling. You pay attention, you genuinely consider the offer in the email, and you even scurry onto Facebook to post what you just found in your inbox, giddy with amusement. What makes this one special? Continue reading