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The Big Bad List of Business Vocabulary

typing, copywriting, freelance, writing tip, business vocabulary,Business vocabulary itself isn’t necessarily difficult to decipher, but you need to be sure how to use it. Often using sector-specific terms is the most efficient way to get across a specific point, and in business-to-business communication it will certainly be expected of you. Business English jargon may often be avoided, using general terms which may make your writing clearer to a wider audience, but it is frequently necessary to use the vocabulary that a client demands and a readership expects. To make sure you’re doing it right, I’ve trawled through my books and internet sources to compile one ridiculously long list of the most common business vocabulary, divided by industry, with definitions and some examples. As a sturdy reference point, this is a post worth bookmarking! Continue reading

What you can learn from advertising copy

English breakfast tea, marketing copywritingLet’s analyse some of the advertising copy we encounter in the world around us. I’ve trudged through the Guardian Weekend supplement and extracted a few copywriting samples from lifestyle ads. Some good, some bad. All capable of teaching you a thing or two about advertising copy. (For more examples and of everyday copy, please see the other entries in my copywriting examples archive.) Continue reading