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5 ways that business blogs can improve your sales

How business blogs can strengthen a company imageBlogging is an expanding area in online marketing, and if you don’t have a business blog you’re missing a valuable marketing tool. I’ve encountered a few people who turn their noses up at the idea of blog marketing, however, believing that blogs are a platform for self-indulgent teenagers to cry about their running make up and the like. Well, in some circles that’s precisely what they are – but a properly crafted business blog has more potential than any print publication. A blog containing accurately written, engaging articles can draw readers from all over the world, and can be shared exponentially. So here’s my top 5 reasons that blogging can help your business: Continue reading

4 ways to overcome the fear of freelancing

writing a cover letter, not impressed, fear of freelancingStarting out as a freelancer, when work is just coming in, maintaining a calm focus on your goals can be difficult. You’re likely to split your time, about 5% for paid work, 5% searching for paid work, and about 90% trying to cope with the mind-numbing feeling of dread that the uncertainty of freelancing forces on you. At least, that’s how it can seem. A lot of your fears will never be realised, but you still need to take measures to keep calm. Here’s a few simple tips to keep those nagging demons at bay: Continue reading