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The mindset for persuasive copywriting

persuasive copywritingWhen writing persuasive copy, you need to be in a specific mindset to appeal to your audience. The difference between persuasive copywriting and ineffective copy can be subtle, though. This was a point that stirred in my mind after I attended a bid writing seminar run by the delightful people at Boost Consultancy. The speaker made some excellent points regarding the mindset necessary for successful bid writing, which I thought was also a solid basis for some persuasive copywriting considerations. These points aren’t necessarily true for all advertising copy, where there is room for a lot of creativity, but generally if you are producing long copy, especially in a formal setting (such as cover letters and direct response marketing), this advice can prove very helpful.  Continue reading

An example of a classic advertising style

Modern example of an advert in a classic style with copy below the picture.

As a sometime historian, I take a keen interest in knowing how ideas have developed over time. And knowing such things makes me appreciate an advert like this one all the more, because it harks back to a different time. For a time, the vast majority of print adverts (certainly those seen in the US) followed a format of using a large image accompanied by a body of copy. This style clearly separates the common components of a given advert: image, headline, body copy and contact details (although the contact details could just as easily be a coupon, voucher, or any other device used as a call to action). A lot of old-fashioned print adverts followed this style, allowing for much longer copy (there are plenty of older examples on the excellent Info Marketing Blog), but it’s not so common these days. So click on the image for a modern example that reflects how copywriting used to be! (It’s also local for me, coming from a Sussex Porsche dealer). Continue reading