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Why disruptive animal adverts don’t work for me

copywriting clichesWe live in a world where advertisers are being encouraged to come up with original branding at all costs. Even if it has nothing to do with the product. FirstDirect are trying to convince us they’re worth using because they’re unexpected (which is exactly what I don’t want from a bank), while O2 are trying to convince us they’re worth joining because of a cat behaving like a dog (which I find rather baffling, as they’re actively eschewing the quiet dignity of cats). Avoiding clichés is an admirable thing, as anyone can tell you, but sometimes I’d rather people erred more on the side of the unoriginal to give a convincing message. As I hope my latest real-world copywriting example will demonstrate.

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When a picture’s worth more than words: a theatre advert

theatre play advert example

I often put up advert examples with the aim of analysing the copy and discussing effective writing. In this case I want to do the opposite, because a flyer was given to me this morning that I thought perfectly encapsulated its story without a single word. (Lies, actually, it’s got a few written details about when the play is on and its title, but they’re not the sale.) So here is a great example of where copy is not needed: Continue reading