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The mindset for persuasive copywriting

persuasive copywritingWhen writing persuasive copy, you need to be in a specific mindset to appeal to your audience. The difference between persuasive copywriting and ineffective copy can be subtle, though. This was a point that stirred in my mind after I attended a bid writing seminar run by the delightful people at Boost Consultancy. The speaker made some excellent points regarding the mindset necessary for successful bid writing, which I thought was also a solid basis for some persuasive copywriting considerations. These points aren’t necessarily true for all advertising copy, where there is room for a lot of creativity, but generally if you are producing long copy, especially in a formal setting (such as cover letters and direct response marketing), this advice can prove very helpful.  Continue reading

6 tips for copywriting that respects the audience

typing, copywriting, freelance, writing tip, business vocabulary,Good copywriting considers the reader’s needs, their knowledge, attitudes and time. These considerations build a basis of respect, from which you can develop a better connection with the reader. Without engaging the reader on these levels, copywriting can feel distant and create a sense of distrust. So what can we do to be sure we demonstrate that respect? Continue reading