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Screaming for creative problem solving

screaming for creativitySomewhere down the road from me there is a woman who screams at her children every morning before they leave for school. For reasons unknown, they are never ready on time and seem to perpetually neglect the need to brush their teeth. So, like clockwork, we are blessed with the screeching alarm of a frustrated mother yelling “Do you teeth, NOW!” with the admonition “I will not be late for work because of you!” This morning, like always, such yelling did not appear to have the desired effect, as ten minutes passed and she was still shouting for the same thing. One of the children started crying, and a few extra phrases were thrown into her usual mix – “Shut up!” and “No, you should say sorry to me!”

It would appear that the very thing she’d hoped would spur these disobedient children along had actually made her more late than ever. Continue reading