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Why content often has nothing to do with copywriting

content marketing copywritingFollowing on from the great Professional Copywriters’ Network conference last Friday, I’d like to take a moment to discuss the crossover between content marketing and copywriting. The most contentious issue of the day was the merits (or lack of merits) of content marketing, which Andy Maslen has done a great job of summarising in his blog. Rather than recycle his words, or any of the other genius imparted throughout the day, I want to take a moment to spew out my own thoughts on content marketing and blog writing. In short, that online content, even when perceived as a marketing tool, often has nothing to do with copy. Continue reading

What are rich snippets?

rich snippetsEveryone seemed to be talking about rich snippets at the latest BrightonSEO. It seemed that barely a talk went by that I didn’t hear the phrase bandied about. It made me think of expensive fabric samples. It made Duncan Rice (@Duncan_SIC) think of cutting “the coat-tails off of a posh bloke!” It also inspired me to think of giblets of prime meat, or miniature bejewelled scissors. As none of these, clearly, will help you with SEO, I thought it’d be handy to explain exactly what these rich snippets are. Seeing as everyone’s likely to keep talking about them. Continue reading

Why building a WordPress site is good for small businesses

Screenshot of WordPress dashboard in use. WordPress allows anyone with a little time and patience to create a website for a minimal amount of money and effort. It’s well-supported and makes ongoing management easy. A number of small business owners asked me about building a WordPress site and writing blogs at a recent Brighton Chamber of Commerce event for their Ride the Wave program, and I realised these were details worth sharing. So here’s a quick summary of my reasons why a WordPress site is a good choice for a small business, to help decide if it’s for you:

Continue reading