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What does your choice of tense say about you?

effective reflective writing, tensesMaking your point in as few words as possible is not all about choosing the right words. One area worth paying particular attention to is choosing the right tense. With a cover letter, a CV, a service history, and even with parts of a product description, you need to tell a story, no matter how short – and your choice of tense can greatly impact the meaning of your tale. Continue reading

Back to basics: all the English tenses

English tenses

Pursuing one of my other ventures, tutoring English, I’ve decided to combine my copywriting and teaching experience to produce a few simple English grammar guides. These guides are designed for foreign learners of English, but I wanted to share the first thing I produced, a tenses infographic, to discuss how the different English tenses work. Continue reading

Unique experience: an effective advert example

A unique experience, a good example of an effective advert.It’s easy to make light of examples of bad copywriting and bad adverts, as they stand out. A copywriting job done well doesn’t necessarily cause a stir, so the copywriting blogger is less likely to post examples of good advertising – but this is one that caught my eye recently. It’s a no-thrills ad for holidays on a working boat, Patricia, and it works because it understands the audience and addresses them appropriately. It might not look like much, but there’s a lot going on here. Here’s a quick break down:

Continue reading

6 tips for copywriting that respects the audience

typing, copywriting, freelance, writing tip, business vocabulary,Good copywriting considers the reader’s needs, their knowledge, attitudes and time. These considerations build a basis of respect, from which you can develop a better connection with the reader. Without engaging the reader on these levels, copywriting can feel distant and create a sense of distrust. So what can we do to be sure we demonstrate that respect? Continue reading