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Harnessing the strength of consumer comments through interviews

interview customer testimonial, case studyWhen I worked in media research, one of our most valuable commodities, as a company that put video cameras in people’s homes, was footage of customers singing the praises of a product in a natural environment. Short of trialling the product, what could build more consumer confidence than seeing real people recommending it to friends and family, without prompt? These beautiful moments were rare and difficult to come by, trawling through the hours of video footage, and riotous celebrations would shake the office when we discovered such a scene. It was a feeling I unexpectedly recreated last week, when I happened upon the online equivalent of such a scene, by developing a thankful consumer comment into a broader interview. Continue reading

How to value your skills: an Olympic perspective

world in hands, training, how to value your skills, At a meeting presented by the Brighton Chamber of Commerce last night regarding business rates and values, we had some interesting discussion about how people value their services. In independent business, there is rarely a benchmark to set your prices against, and it is essentially up to you to judge the value of your own skills. You just need to be able to justify what makes your skills valuable. How can you do that?

Compare your skills to the training an athlete endures. I hope that, like approximately 95.4% of the UK, you were inspired by Jessica Ennis’s performance at the Olympics this summer. As you can see in the picture, she’s got the world in her hands now. One look at her abs and you know she’s worked incredibly hard to do what she does. But essentially what she does is something we are all capable of: she runs, jumps, throws things. What makes her so special? Continue reading