Introducing the Grammar of Word Order and Sentence Structure

sentence structure guideEver wanted to brush up on all the basics of how a sentence fits together? My grammar guide, Word Order in English Sentences, can help. I’ve been spending less time publishing things online recently as I’ve been working on improving this as one of my earlier works, and preparing it for publication in print. It was originally designed as a brief guide for foreign students of English, but has a practical application for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of how sentences fit together. 

The 2nd edition, heavily updated version of Word Order in English Sentences is now available in eBook and physical form. It’s over twice the size of the original – and looks a lot nicer, now in line with the branding of my other grammar guide, The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide. I’ve covered all the basic building blocks of a sentence, for a solid introduction to understanding how words fit together in English.

The contents include:

  • Basic sentence structure
  • Question forms
  • Negative forms
  • Verb phrases (including phrasal verbs, transitives and intransitives, and combinations of verbs)
  • Noun phrases (including compound nouns, noun complements and embedded questions as noun phrases)
  • Adjectives (including adjectives in unusual positions)
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Sentences with multiple clauses (including simple, complex and compound sentences)

The book also includes 16 scrambled sentence exercises for practise. It’s all designed to give you a strong understanding of how different sentence components relate to one another – which is the first step towards understanding how sentences can then bend the rules (a crucial backbone in writing or editing text).

The book is available through my English language learning site, in PDF form, here, or on Kindle or print on Amazon. Please check it out, buy a copy and review it and share it!

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